Cold smoke generator


Once you have cold smoked your own foods, there is no turning back, this nifty simple piece of kit will turn the humble to the sublime!

Cold smoke it all at home, bacon, salmon, cheese, olives, salt, oil, the list is almost endless.

All you need is a container to place this in, even a cardboard box will work, maybe an old filing cabinet. Simply light your dust with a tea light, wait 5 mins and then remove the tea light, and place in your smoking cabinet of choice, average burn time is 10 hours. This is a ‘set it and forget it’ piece of kit

This is to be used outdoors, if you are using a cardboard box, choose a dry day/night when it's not windy. Maybe you could convert an old filing cabinet into a smoker, container ideas are endless….cole bunker, unused fridge (we know they look pretty in your front garden!!) or use your bbq

This is going to give your food a beautifully rounded proper smokey flavour that will give your cured food a wonderful smokey depth

Made from Stainless Steel

Smoking Dust will need to be bought separately and is not included in the purchase

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