What makes a good charcuterie board?

We are often asked how to make an amazing and impactful Charcuterie Board to share with your friends and loved ones. You need to start with:

Shopping list for a charcuterie board

It's all about variety and textures and colours. We like to have a mix of different flavoured salamis and also whole muscle (Lomo, Bresaola, Coppa) to provide different textures, we also tend to include one of our different sized salamis/chorizo to add height and difference in shapes on the board, this would be our oak smoked chorizo, truffle salami or venison and sloe gin salami.

How to make a Charcuterie Board

Once you have your carefully chosen British Charcuterie meats you want to think about your board, we always choose something beautiful in wood and put some greaseproof paper as a barrier and also colour enhancer underneath the darker meats. Your Charcuterie Board meats should be paired with fruits, nuts and we also love putting dried fruits like dates and apricots to give you a different mouth feel. Or you can mix it up and add Cheese.

Charcuterie and Cheese Board, best cheeses to accompany a meat charcuterie board

Well who doesn't love cheese! The UK now produces more varieties of cheese than the French. We produce around 1000 whilst the French produce 550, what an incredible achievement, and an amazing variety for you to choose from. My personal favourites are a Brie (Baron Bigod produces an incredible Brie just around the corner in Suffolk) a Montgomery Cheddar, unpasterised heaven. We also like Golden Cross goats cheese, another British triumph, ultimately you want some crowd pleasers and a little variety. We love Stichelton, think Stilton but oohh so much lovelier. Your Charcuterie board ideas are really as big as your imagination, feel free to add stack of biscuits and even a cheeky pate, some celery and beautiful tomatoes and gherkins, this is the ultimate sharing meal with friends and therefore deserves a glass of something fabulous too.

Charcuterie board wine pairing

Whichever colour takes your fancy….there are no rules around this. I personally prefer to drink something white or pink and even better if it involves bubbles. The only rule around wine and Charcuterie Boards is that you should have another in reserve!

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