As a west London Pole, pork products have always been very important to me. My wife recognises this and treated me to a one-day curing and smoking course at Marsh Pig. In Claxton there is no mobile signal; you have little option but to succumb to the passion for pig shared by Jackie and Sarah. With generosity and good humour, their knowledge is laid bare and the central theme is this; start with the best meat, treat it with love and respect and bear in mind there are no shortcuts in the pursuit of excellence in charcuterie. You will return home after a full day (including a splendid lunch) with peace in your heart as well as salami, sausages and bacon in your coolbox. Highly recommended.

Brilliant way to spend a day. Jacky and Sarah are so passionate about what they do, and they do it brilliantly. Learned a ton about curing and smoking, while enjoying great food with nice people in beautiful surroundings. Well worth it.

Attended the Smoking and Curing course on Saturday 19th. September. Had a fantastic time and learnt a great deal, thanks so very much Jackie and Sara. Would highly recommend to friends to attend a course or purchase from this fantastic company.

Don, Ali and Pete spent a very enjoyable and inspiring day attending Jackie and Sarah’s Smoking and Curing course. These ladies are at the top of their game! I would urge everyone to 1. buy some of their products to taste for yourself. 2. spend a day with them learning how it’s done. 3. try making something porky for yourselves.

We are currently working our way through the product list!! Everything we have tried has been excellent.

What a fabulous day of meat. We learned so much, tasted so many things, took home our hand made sausages and bacon, as well as meeting a superb group of people at the same time. I’ve now got half my village making their own jerky and my salami, bresaola and coppa are a winner with every guest we have. Oh and we even had a fabulous lunch too with a a glass or two of wine, great touch. Jackie and Sarah run a superb course, I loved it.

If you love great food, good company and having fun whilst learning a new skill there is no better way to spend a day than on this course!

Marsh pigs curing and smoking course is a hands on, informative day of all things meat, wether you are a novice or a professional chef or caterer. Everything is explained in the finest detail by the wonderful Jackie and Sarah, they are truly the Queens of all things pig. They not only send you away with a selection of products you have made on the day but also a pack which gives you clear instruction on how to look after them when you get home. Ultimately opening the door for you to a world of curing and smoking.

One of the best food courses I’ve been on. A fun and interesting day out, packed full of information and hands-on learning. We went home with armfuls of good things we’d made, the highlight for me being the exceptional garlic and black pepper salami. And it kick-started my husband into finishing the half-built cold smoker – result! – Linda Duffin, food writer and blogger.

I had a great time on the smoking and curing course. Relaxed and informal with a warm welcome that continued through the day with a delicious lunch. It was great learning about the different techniques and putting them in to practice. I now regularly smoke my own bacon, have built a biltong box and just under a year later am about to embark on my first coppa having just converted an old fridge into a drying chamber. There is so much more to try, I’m totally hooked! Thanks, Rob

I haven’t tried the selection pack as it is a Christmas gift, but the chorizo was delicious! Texture was quite different to a shop bought chorizo in a good way, and I would definitely buy again!

It was a recommendation from my sister who’s bought before at a show, and I’m glad I listened to her!!

The absolute best jerky I have EVER eaten.

Many thanks for the extremely quick delivery of a selection of your products (which I'm told are delicious) to my uncle in Suffolk, in time for Christmas - I'll be sure to recommend.