What Makes Marsh Pig Charcuterie Different?

You might believe that all Charcuterie is produced in pretty much the same way, but that is not the case. Lets look at the pigs to start with.

Would you prefer to eat pigs that have lived their entire lives in a metal crate, having been fed a bland, high protein diet, being given antibiotics as standard?

OR would you prefer that they lived outside all their lives choosing when to sleep and eat and have lived on average 5 months longer and are only given antibiotics when they were unwell on a pig by pig basis?

Now lets look at the cuts of pork used in Charcuterie production.

So traditionally you would use the shoulder and belly and what we call trim (take the large muscles away and then what scraps you are left with are often referred to a ‘trim’) this will give you a product that is full of sinew and the fat content will be anything from 40-60%.

Marsh Pig only uses Free Range Leg meat in our British Salami and our British Chorizo, that has been sourced within East Anglia. The meat has been trimmed of glands and sinew and we only add 15% fat.

So what you have is a much meatier product and no need for a tooth pick to get rid of the sinew. You also have to consider the quality of the herbs and spices used, so for instance we only use Paprika from the Del la Vera region in Spain, its expensive but its incredible and will give you the depth of flavour you find in our British Chorizo.

None of our herbs and spices have been irradiated. So buy our British Salami, our British Chorizo in the knowledge that free range British Pork is ethically produced and tastes amazing.

This is British Salami at its very best!

How it’s made.

Each batch of salami is hand made, we don’t have industrial sized equipment and thats not because we couldn’t have that, but by hand making the product there is quality control throughout the process, enabling us the guarantee its amazing flavour.

These factors are part of what make Marsh Pig British Salami, so special.