Charcuterie Business Planning & Advice

My Charcuterie Business Start-up Experience

When you are considering starting any type of new business it can be daunting at the best of times, but when you are talking about an industry that is not well documented and is only handed down from Father to son in the longest traditions in Europe you really have got your work cut out for you.

When I first started out, no one wanted to share their knowledge and it all seemed like a big secret, it turned out in 2012 I was to become the 11th British Charcutier, and let me tell you there was no sharing of information back then books weren't a great help as not one book agreed with the other. 

Charcuterie Business Growth 

With an industry exploding from really only around a decade ago we now have in the UK well over 800 producers of traditional Charcuterie from Biltong, Jerky companies to full blown Charcuterie businesses.

We are now moving into a stage where imported meats are going to be more challenging to acquire and I believe Quality British meat will once again take centre stage. The public really do have a passion for ‘local food’, they are prepared to support the small producers, especially as we are now more familiar with Charcuterie from travelling abroad.

A considerable amount of trial and an awful amount of error later, we have a thriving business that supports local free range farms, employs a wonderful bunch of local people and continues to grow people's awareness of what quality Charcuterie tastes like.

Thinking Of Setting Up A Charcuterie Business?

Chacurterie Business Advice and Support

I really enjoy helping people start-up their Chacuterie businesses. I can support and guide with meaningful advise new business owners and entrepreneurs through mentoring sessions, wherever they may be in the world. This 'fresh eyes' approach will help you develop your charcuterie business ideas into a clear business vision. 

I work with new business owners from early idea stages through to launches and provide ongoing support post launch.

I don't believe that one size fits all and I have worked with many companies with extensive varying needs and levels of experience.

You may have a small holding and want to add more value to your highly prized herd than just fresh meat, you may want the flexibility of more shelf life, or you may just love Charcuterie in its many and varied forms. Whatever the reason, you need a starting point and then you need to bring life to an idea!

Running my own business has allowed me to see the challenges you will face from a commercial perspective and the pitfalls of having to learn this from a book, or word of mouth. I can give you the right tools to enable you to manage your charcuterie business.

I can take you, from workshop room design, to acquiring the best charcuterie equipment that will be suitable for the scale of business you want, to a fully working HACCP.  I ensure that your EHO Officer is fully on board and i  ideally like to meet them at the start of the project to ensure they are comfortable about how we will comply with the necessary components of making your business safe and workable. 

I can assist you in finding the relevant Charcuterie equipment and supplies and take your products from recipe design through to nutritional and microbiological testing. Trading Standards compliance, through to logo design to packaging design and the compliant information required on the finished retail product.

No matter where you currently are in your new charcuterie business planning and development, give me a call, I'd love to hear from you.


I have previously set up over 20 professional business, all of which are going strong today, they range in location from Scotland to Uganda to Ireland and all thats in between. Recent project have involved a full blown start to finish business in Ireland, 2 days of consultancy with recipe design and HACCP implementation into a established butcher in York. In Berkshire i did 3 days of room planning, full HACCP an on site visit to Marsh Pig HQ, meeting their EHO and Full Approval on new premises. I also have 2 more project currently underway with fledgling companies in Wiltshire & Kent.

Call Jackie to discuss your requirements on +44(0) 1508 480560 or email