Ensuring Marsh Pig gets to all you lovely foodies is a full time job involving the whole family. Marsh Pig HQ is a hive of activity 7 days a week. Fortunately we have wonderful people to help us get this premium product to you, including talented neighbours and local people who love to get stuck in. 

So who's who at Marsh Pig HQ? 


Name: Jacks

Bio: Head of coffee making and salami stuffing, marketing boss, buyer,  Occasional social media poster. Inventor of new products and daft ideas generally. Chief roller of salami. Chief Charcuterie Consultant

In her spare time, loves pottering in the garden and mowing the frikin lawn...again. 

Favourite Food: Cheese

Name: Sarah

Bio: Is basically in-charge of everything that happens in the workshop, the ‘go - to’ head honcho, the ‘grand fromage’ she organises us all, and gets stuff done. She is also the one that gets blamed when stuff goes wrong…..

In her spare time you will find Sarah errrr in the workshop or at a  farmers market. 

Favourite Food: Cake

Name: Julie

Julie - Marsh Pig

Bio: Chief packer of wholesale and internet orders, labelling queen, Jerky maker, salami maker, floor mopper and all round ‘good egg’ ‘Me Julie’ is our hands on, can do, trust her with anything kind of a girl. She has an exceptionally sweet tooth and can be bribed with any form of sugar, but she also holds Charcuterie dear to her heart and stomach. In her spare time Julie loves her gorgeous Rottweiler, Duffy who sings and squeaks when excited, the dog that is, not Me Julie.

Favourite Food: Chips

Name: Mel

Mel - Marsh Pig

Bio: Our magic slicing lady, Mel has been and continues to be our most amazing, patient slicing lady, ever wondered why our salami looks so pretty on the board…….Mel is the answer, she also shares the ‘haribo’ love with julie and can often be found discussing the very best sweeties on the market

In her spare time Mel loves her horses and generally tries to stay upright on them!!

Favourite Food: Steak



Name: Connie

Bio: Once came on our 1 day courses and then never really left….Connie helps us make Charcuterie every Tuesday and is a fantastic addition to our hard working team, puts her hand to anything and generally makes us laugh throughout the day.

Favourite Food: Wine

Name: Harriet

Bio: We met her because her mum is Connie! She has incredible customer service skills and works very hard throughout the year at weekends at our various farmers markets & events, doing an incredible job of selling our beautiful charcuterie to our lovely customers.

Favourite Food: Chocolate

Name: Luke

Luke - Marsh Pig

Bio: Our lovely Luke cooks and cuts and packs our very popular Jerky and works with us in between studying and learning to drive. Exceptionally polite and hard working, basically a packaging machine on 2 very long legs.

Favourite Food: Spaghetti Bolognese

Name: Mia & Ellie

Bio: Head of Security and naughtiness

Favourite Food: We are Labradors….the whole world is edible