Cold Smoking Oak Dust


Our pure cold smoking oak wood dust is one of the most widely used cold smoking wood flavours, producing a rounded but deep smoke which will complement most robust foods. 

Typically used for smoked salmon, salami, ham, butter, cheeses, salt, garlic, olives, you name it, It is a deep dark colour and a consistently fine particle dust.

The dust particles are between 1 and 2mm, so a perfect size for reliable smouldering in your Cold Smoke Generator, which can be used in a regular BBQ or any ventilated smoking compartment, like a cardboard box, or filing cabinet etc! 

Our large pack size is 500g giving you 50 hours of cold smoking. Packaged in fully 100% compostable resealable bags. Reseal bags after use, store in a cool dry place and your wood dust will give you great results for up to 2 years.

FSC/PEFC certified and sourced sustainably from managed woodlands. Produced specifically for food use.

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