Traditional Bacon Cure for Dry Curing


Make your own bacon at home, the bragging rights are worth the very little effort involved in making it yourself!

Full instructions included in this whooper Traditional Bacon cure mix - 500 g bag. 

Weigh your meat and dust on 3% cure the the weight of meat, i.e. 1000 g of pork you would apply 30 g of cure. 

Apply 3/4 to the meat side and 1/4 to the fat side. Place in a bag or sealed container for 6 days, turning everyday. Once your 6 days have passed, wash your bacon in cold running water, pat dry with a clean cloth and place in your fridge, uncovered on a plate for 24 hours. Then smoke your bacon. Once smoked return your bacon to the fridge, still uncovered and leave for 10 days....Voila  you have made bacon.

This Traditional Bacon Cure comes in a resealable 100% fully compostable bag and will last around 2 years.


Salt, Brown sugar, sodium nitrite (E250)



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