13th July 2024 - Meat Curing and Smoking (1-Day Course – £195)


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The course will take you through:

  • The different breeds of pigs, and the importance of quality meat selection.
  • Which cuts of meat are best used for curing.
  • Curing ingredients, and where to source them.
  • You will make your own salami and bacon to take home
  • We will show you how to cure, Bacon, Pancetta, Coppa, Salami, Biltong & Jerky
  • A range of techniques, including dry curing, cold smoking and air-drying.
  • You will also be shown how to build a simple cold smoker for under £100 so you can smoke all your meaty and fishy delights at home. We will also show you how to hot smoke salmon with a wok!

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